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017: I'm not yet free

I'm net yet free from my current degree; however, this week I'm making myself go through the proper steps to change my degree and scheduling ...blah, blah, blah...a bunch of paper work and nonsense.
I've been working on my website a lot lately. It's not a flash page anymore, at least until I can release a full-blown, amazing flash site. Neverthess, it has some cool stuff. Just continue to check it out, especially the section for Alex. I hope to make it an amazing portion of my site. I want lots of stories, lots and lots of them. Anyway, just was giving a little update.



016: A day at work makes you think,think, think

Well, I just spent--what seemed like--a long time at work today. Working today in the pharmacy, really made me think, think about what I really want to be: my dream job would be a worship leader, a composer, and a web designer. Now, it may be impossible to be all of these, but if I analyze these three careers, I can pretty easily see that all three are a means of some sort of artistic development or artistic practice. So it why am I pursuing pharmacy? for money? for success? Is life measured be money? What is success? What measures it? I don't know. I'm just wondering--wondering if pharmacy is an outlet for me to live a happy and successful life. Just questions.



015: Updatealicious...

I'm just posting a little update. Life is going well. Nothing really going on. Just taking care of school and church and life. Make sure to check my cool website found here. I'm trying to update it with a bunch of cool stuff so check in every once in a while. I wish I had a really interesting story to share with everyone; but life has been fairly simple, kind of bland to put it bluntly.



014: I'm rising to the occasion...

I had a Organic Chemistry test today. I felt pretty good about it--I got out on time. That always makes you feel like you knew what was going on.

Shooting of Danny's short film has officially ceased. The last were shot this evening. Now, I just have to get working on the film score; which, in fact, is not going to be to easy. I guess the hard part is just finding the musical inspriration and motivation. When there is great melody in your head, you just can't stop working on it; I've just had trouble geting the initial melodic push in my mind.

Anyway, better get to work.


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