A million words can describe a minute. I use a lot less.



020: Busy days and holidays

I've been pretty darned busy lately it seems. I've been studying, holidaying, eating, putt-putting, dancing, singing, everythinging. I'm glad that I'm getting a break soon. My major is finally changed. YES!!!. I'm so glad that the changes is out of the way. Now, I can enjoy life. It seems like I'm just skiing down the mountain, now--just taking a ride--you know?

Church is going well. I'm still leading worship and very much enjoying. I'm hoping to implement a intercessory prayer group or something to aid the service. I'm just praying that God can assist in its formation and duration. Keep it in your prayers and thoughts.



019: Wow! Time just goes by.

I've been really busy with school lately. Tomorrow, speaking of school, I'm going to my Liberal Studies advisor to work out everything with my new degree, which I am very much excited about. I'm tired of this darn Anatomy. I feel like I'm just wasting life studying something that I won't really need much of. I mean, Human Anatomy is worth knowing; however, I'm not going to become a doctor or something along that field of study. I want to do something with computers, design, music, and ministries. I need to design a ministry for crafting sweet advertisements for the displaying and promotion of Christian ideals.



018: I'm 21 now

Yes, it's true, I'm 21 years of age now. It's not really that exciting. I didn't go out and get crazy and/or drunk. Just a had a nice dinner at the Outback Steakhouse (ordered a Newcastle Brown Ale, which was quite delightful) and had a a nice big steak. Anyway, nothing much is really going on. I just can't wait for this semester of school to be finished. I'm tired of this pharmacy stuff. Boring, boring, boring--boring.


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