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023: Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is here as you all must know. So I wanted to say Merry Christmas. I enjoyed my day: got some neat presents, such as recording microphones, and cologne, and candy, and socks, and boxers, and gift cards--all kinds of sweet stuff. Anyway, I also gave others many gifts, because that is much more important than recieving any sweet gifts.

On a sad note, however, I did miss my little bro very much. I very much longed to see him again. We watched a short home video of Alex and I scaring Jessica half-to-death with firecrackers. I really made me miss him--his laugh and smile. I'm about to go see a movie today, The Producers. So, I hope all of you have an amuzado and paca Christmas to our Esperanto speaking friends out there.



022: School is over. Hurray!

I am so so so glad that school is finally over. It gives a person so much relief once school is over for a semester. I kind of feel like I can sleep again--I can sleep knowing that I don't really have to wake up the next day. I can just indefinately sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!!!

However, I do know that God does not want me to just sleep, and, furthermore, I don't want to do that, because I know that life is short and sweet--so get as much sugar as you can. One thing I must say before continuing: God has answered a prayer of mine so wonderfully. Thank you Lord!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Back to what I was saying: I believe it best to get up and make use of life, to do things, to make friends, to make the best of every oppurtunity. I know that I may not hold that principle quite as tight to my will as I should or as a preach, but I do find truth in it. So, I'm hoping to make better use of that prinicple in my life.

Now, on a more trivial note, I just wanted to through out some cool sites and links for you:

I hope you enjoy all the links.



021: I'm so glad!!!

Well, I should say that I'm not so glad. In fact, I went to the Conference USA college football championships (UCF vs Tulsa), and UCF lost--that's my TEAM!!!. Anyway, they had a good season and will probably go to a bowl game. However, despite that little let down, I'm very much glad that school is almost over for the semester. I only have on more stinkin' week. I'll be glad just to sleep in and do some cleaning around the house. Plus, Danny wants to shoot his next movie (if you haven't seen his first one click here) over the Christmas break. So, I'll have some busy music scoring to do. Pray I can get all that done. Also, be praying for the New Beginnings Baptist Church; we are going to be starting a intercessory prayer group for the Sunday service.


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