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022: School is over. Hurray!

I am so so so glad that school is finally over. It gives a person so much relief once school is over for a semester. I kind of feel like I can sleep again--I can sleep knowing that I don't really have to wake up the next day. I can just indefinately sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, SLEEP!!!

However, I do know that God does not want me to just sleep, and, furthermore, I don't want to do that, because I know that life is short and sweet--so get as much sugar as you can. One thing I must say before continuing: God has answered a prayer of mine so wonderfully. Thank you Lord!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Back to what I was saying: I believe it best to get up and make use of life, to do things, to make friends, to make the best of every oppurtunity. I know that I may not hold that principle quite as tight to my will as I should or as a preach, but I do find truth in it. So, I'm hoping to make better use of that prinicple in my life.

Now, on a more trivial note, I just wanted to through out some cool sites and links for you:

I hope you enjoy all the links.

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