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031: Dang! It's been forever.

I'm sorry that it's been so long since my last upadte. I've been fairly busy: I just started balloon twisting. I feel out of place with time, because I'm used to only working on Wednesday and Sunday. I feel like I'm working all the time now. Plus, school has been pretty busy. I feel like I'm just motioning through a busy subway station, getting on one train, and off one, and on another, just getting from one destination to another.



030: Happy St. Patrick's Day

I've been enjoying my spring break just relaxing and going to the beach. I, also, with the help of the others finished making the Random Idiot Productions website. I did it all on Flash MX 2004. So, check it out and see what you think of it. To me, frankly, it's still a big work in progress. I still think the movies page and the crew page are a huge work in progress, actually. I just want to be more creative with it. I hope to also record a song by the end of this week. I heaven't written one, yet, so I better start doing that also.

I saw V for Vendetta the other day--VERY GOOD. You should go see it. The story is very good.



029: The Random Idiot fun has begun

     Make sure to check out The site has just went up. It is being hosted by, which I have found to be pretty reliable. We have all of our movies up there; however, Burgled needs to be fixed, so hold up on downloading that one. But the others are all great.

     Nothing much has really been going on. I just have been going to school and stuff, going to church. Church has kind of been exciting. I felt that there ahs been some revival in my heart there, which makes me feel encouraged. It makes me want to go back every Sunday. I haven't really been working on posting any new songs, lately, but I'd really like to work on some. I'm going to start baloon twisting animals and such in resteraunts soon. I need some money, and the job, hopefully, pays well.


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