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033: A little thought on our forefathers

I was at church the other day, either Sunday or Wednesday, because those are the usual days that I go to church. Anyway, the pastor was reading from a pamphlet printed by the National Day of Prayer, which had quotes and facts about our country's past and present Christian brothers and sisters. The pamphlet contained their efforts to preserve Christianity in our great nation. But, the one thing that really sparked some interest was when the pastor was using a quote from the pamphlet to illustrate how far we have digressed from the grace that our forefathers bestowed, upheld, or had. He, the pastor, quoted Benjamin Franklin, who, during the Constitutional Convention, instructed to the writers and to the delegates of the convention that they should open each meeting with prayer. I'm pretty sure the delegates of the Constitutional Convention would have taken the advice from this seasoned veteran of law and of politics, Benjamin Franklin. But, what really made me think, was when the pastor said that our country is so far from what Benjamin Franklin spoke about at that convention: we don't pray before congressional sessions and our country has fallen from its Christian roots. (I'm not quoting the pastor by any means.) However, if you look at what Franklin said and believe that the delegates of his time prayed that God would instruct them and guide their reason in composing our nation's constitution, then our constitution was created with God's helping hand. Thus, the separation of church and state was crafted by men who had been aided by God. Why do many Christians find that this separation to be so bad? God guided the reason of many great men; men, who would craft and fashion our nation to its glory. However, I don't want to say that God is the creator of our constitution, because it has many faults. But for someone to say that because of us not having prayer in congressional sessions, or not having prayer in public schools, or not allowing teachers to spread their faith to their students, and that these reasons are clear evidence to say that our nation's fabric, once held by Christian ideals, is fraying and is falling apart, I find that assumption to be bit absolute. If our forefathers crafted our constitution with the help of God through prayer every morning before session began, then I feel and I hope that our laws, especially ones felt to be most controversial, were created under the aid of God.



032: Just an update for your sake

I have been so busy with school and work (ballooning), that I've not been able to update my blog or my netlabel of the week blog. I want to say I'm sorry to all of you. I should be keeping up with my updates; it's only kind.

Recently, for fun, I've been trying this virtualization software found at It is really cool. You can install linux right on top of windows, and run a virtual machine. To me, that kind of stuff is freakin' sweet. So, if you are interested, check it out yo.


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