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002: Work thoughts...

It's funny the things you think of at work. People take medicine. Some people take medicines. However, they continually get the same medicine(s) every month to treat their alleged ailments, when most ailments can be fixed or cured through a lifestyle change. I know! I know! not all diseases can be treated by lifestyle changes. But, a good amount, let's say a large amount, of diseases can actually be cured, not by medicines, but by lifestyles. We as humans--I should actually point at, we, Americans--are addicted to the symptom-alleviator (I wonder if I coined that or not). I'm all for medications to alleviate symptoms while a lifestyle change is being made. But, just plain taking medication to make you feel good, that I'm slamming in the sand with a baseball bat. I just don't like. As humans, we should be striving for curing diseases and ailments, not treating a symptom. Why?

This is why I wonder if I should be a pharmacist or not. I feel like I'm aiding in this never ending destructive path of millions of Americans. I'm not blaming any single individual or organization; we are all to blame. Maybe I could find a cure to something and sell at low cost to help the world. That has always been one of my dreams--to get a noble peace prize or some sort of national or international award for doing something great for mankind. Maybe.

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