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003: 3.5 year anniversary!

Yes, it was Sarah and my three and a half year anniversary. And as usually, we had a mild argument. It just seems to happen. More than likely, I'm the one who initiates such a quarrel or discussion. But, it always works out in the end. I usually just smile--that's the classic move. However, when that fails, I, of course, have to get serious and apologize. I'm always relieved when I can no longer see the view of my fiery death by the hand of a beautiful young lady. Take note guys, just give in and apologize; tell her you love her.

Today, I'm moving back into to my old roomates house, just for the week. School is starting! She and her husband are letting my roomate, which is her brother, and me stay there for school this week. How nice of a big sis'!

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