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005: Home from school in the afternoon...bored out of my mind...

I'm home this afternoon from school. I wish I could be doing something porductive; however, I have no books, yet. Some are at my parents house, which I plan to go to this evening. Plus, I'm ordering some books from online, so that may take some time. But, I'll get a sweet deal on the book prices.

Anyway, enough of that school, book, etc. talk. I wrote a poem last night after posting my blog. You can check out the poem here. IT's written in html, so you can view it with a web browser, or, if your the computer, techie, or hacker type, then open it in an html viewer or notepad and bask in it's natural, naked html splendour. It's fairly short, but it gave me a way to express how I was feeling. And that's what the arts are for, to express emotion, to express feelings, to express ideas, to express thoughts, to express pains, everything. God gave us arts to even praise him with. In fact, in the Bible, one of the first persons that God bestows heavenly gifts upon, the person recieves the gift of craftsmanship and art. So, there must be something special about art. That's why, I believe, it is so important for kids and adults to be active in the arts. It's such an easy means or medium to express our emotion-rich lives in a manner that we can understand. Often times people think they're not artistic because they can't draw; well, don't draw--splatter paint, glue strange things to a board, take weird framed pictures of grass, be creative, write a poem, write a story, write a letter, write some sweet, stupid, useless program in c/c++, invent a way to make cars more efficient. It doesn't really matter what you do; just be creative.

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