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025: I made the switch to Linux! But, then I switched back...

Yes, it is true I did make the switch to linux on my home computer. I installed the latest version of Ubuntu Linux (version 5.10, Breezy Badger), the leading desktop Linux distro. I got everything installed fine, perfect, with all the sweet programs I wanted, which, in fact, ran so incredibly smooth; but for one thing, my iPod. Linux just did not supply me with the adequate software that I needed to play protected files or to connect to my iPod the way iTunes connects so seamlessly with the iPod--the two are pretty much best friends. Hence, I reinstalled Windows XP, and, once again, I am back into the domain and control of King Microsoft. Not that Microsoft is horrible, or they have horrible software, I just wanted to feel free. Linux made me feel that way. It was very smooth running, too. Plus, it had a sweet gnome theme that looked just like the aqua theme used on Mac OS X--very sweeeeet! Maybe some day when I get a new computer, I turn this one into an amazing linux workstation, and use windows on the other. I live two lives--a Linux life and a Windows life.

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