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027: Church today

Well, I went to church today. I woke up early and made the long tiring drive, you know, when you drive the same road to the same place that you always drive to. I love chruch--I don't want to sound like I'm tired of going there. I really love church.

Here's something to think about, since, at church, we've been going through a series of questions that are typically asked by skeptics of Christianity: what happens to the heathen who has never heard of God, or Jesus, or anything of salvation? what happens to them? to they, by default, got to hell? since they "haven't" excepted Christ as his/her savior? It's definately a tough question. Because as Christians, we are suppose to say sorry, but our Almighty, Merciful God is going to condemn that poor heathen to hell, despite he/she never hearing of God or Jesus. Is that fair? It seems not. The only argument a Christian can give is Genesis 3:8, for instance. In this passage the Lord is seeking Adam and Eve after they have eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree--he is seeking the fallen (or the lost). The lost could be thought of as heathen, in today's times. I surely hope the Lord is seeking there poor souls.

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