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028: Dang it's been 2 weeks

You may, or you may not know, that Random Idiot Productions, has just filled and other short film. This one was for a 36 hour film competition. A link to it is here. I would advise you to right click and download it. It's kind of big to stream the video. It's a documentary/mocumentary--to me, it leans more to the mocumentary side. I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless.

I have also made a new homepage at I just added a more simpler look, but, in fact, the code is much more complicated. My CSS skill has been improving. I hope to sharpen them more and more, so that one day I am able to use it for money. I've got to pay the bills somehow, right?.

Besides all that nonsense, life has been okay. I've been missing my little bro, Alex. I cooked up so me frozen raviolis and some tomato sauce the other day, and I was reminded of how much Alex loved raviolis. I rememeber after mom died, that we used to eat those a lot. Well, maybe it wasn't a lot, but I remember that.

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